Tuesday, May 16, 2017

A little fabric, a little floss...

I had gone to buy the fancy floss to get the moon color to have some variations in it.  And I stitched part of it in, slightly less than is shown above - but the floss just blended into the fabric way too much, so I frogged it out and went with the dmc 745.
But I needed a break, so I wanted to try the LaDDa pattern on the Dapple cashel.  But I had to restart it three times to get me this far.  And I was frustrated with the fabric again...  It's beautiful, but stitching it one over one - is sort of a job, not a relaxing thing.  But this is just playing with it for a single evening.
 So I took another day to play with it again, on Dove Gray 28 ct jobelan.  And I did not have to unstitch, it was relaxing.  Maybe the fabric shrinks just enough in the dying progress to cross me over into a something I can't stitch on comfortably.  Or something I can't quite get the floss to lay flat on.  Over two might be the answer.  But so is just a plain 28 count fabric.  And maybe it's the cashel - is just not evenweave enough - I need to try the 28 count dyed lugana yet.   Maybe a dyed and shrunken 25 count gets me a 28 count after shrinking.  I know trying to stitch over one on a 32 count was just as frustrating as this is - so I'm suspecting it's a fine line of a thread laying flat for me or not, and still wanting to stitch one over one to keep the overall project size to something smaller - which will immediately double in size if I start to stitch one over two.  Learning what works and knowing it's a person by person answer is part of this.  It's just playing around with fabric and floss.  If I let it frustrate me too much, it's not going to be fun anymore.  So both of these are just a night of playing around.  A little fabric and some dmc to see what it looks like. 

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Robin in Virginia said...

I like the La D Da piece on the dove gray jobelan. Midnight Watch looks good.