Thursday, May 25, 2017

That Floss Site...

Okay, the floss in the photo yesterday is from Colour and Cotton.  Color is 'Quarter Horse'
And I'd say that's a good name, and description. 
Link to her site - Colour and Cotton
I would have taken another photo, but I would never do the color justice.  So go look at her site.  There is a pop up saying you can sign up for email and get 10% off your first order.  But there is also a 'rewards' program, and if you sign up for that you get 50 'points'.   So if you have 50 points, you can get a 20% off code - saving 20% off your first order, not just 10%.  Her floss is 8 yard skeins, not the usual 5 yards for variegated floss.  And it's colorfast - so won't bleed.  She is dying dmc floss. 
It's $2.25 per skein, but I used that 20% off, so I paid $1.94 each, including delivery.  Her delivery charge was $2.97.  You can't 'combine' offers.  You can use points to get free shipping, but not free shipping AND money off.  Pick one.  I used the 20% off - I ordered 22 skeins - a charge of $49.50 plus shipping, but the 20% off meant $9.90 off - so the bill was $42.57 including shipping.  Or $1.94 per skein.

That pattern is called - PeliCan.  So probably a pelican.  But the plan is to stitch it facing like in the pattern, and then flip the image, and make him face the other way.  I did that once before  - photo HERE - that is the plan for Pelican and Knightmare (black on gray).  And the reason for buying 22 skeins of floss.  I laid it on lugana fabric - Doubloon is nice - so is Legacy and Sand.  All PTP fabrics. I did do the math - it will be 13. 75 inches wide by 11.25 inches tall on 28, one over one.  But stitching it twice, I need enough fabric to do that.  So I'm still debating a few things... But I'm right there with you - I'm wanting to see where that goes too... 

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Robin in Virginia said...

Thank you for the thread color information! It really is a gorgeous brown color. Happy Stitching!