Friday, June 30, 2017

Summer Schoolhouse....

 I ordered the With Thy Needle and Thread - Summer Schoolhouse kit with the first pattern, floss and fabric.  It was supposed to be 28 count fabric, stitched one over one...
Finally a series that is to be stitched exactly the way I do stitch all the time, on a fabric that I'm just fine with.  This just doesn't happen.  And I understand, not whining, just saying that THIS ONE was clearly right into my comfort zone.  So I pre-ordered it.  It came yesterday.  So I pulled out the fabric, a long narrow cut - 9 x 55 - and it's cut wonky...  so I pull edge threads to get straight.  Now it's straight, but it's not 9 inches wide anymore.   It's 8 inches wide now. 
But it's a crap mistake to make from somebody cutting a lot of fabric and either they just did not care - or they didn't know how to cut stitching fabric. 
And I'll give you two thoughts to this - if there are 6 designs on four patterns, and you did them as individual things - then you'd cut as you went - and the fabric being wonky doesn't matter as much - you'd have it cut after less than 8 inches in length.  This pattern design finishes at 5 inches wide - so they are allowing a 2 inch side border on both sides.  Mine will just be a smaller border, but it's wide enough to easily work in my 7 inch hoop.  But in a length of 8 inches - you'd only pull a few side threads to square it up. 
But my idea was I have no clue what the rest of the patterns look like - so maybe it would work like a bellpull, long and narrow.  So I started it from the top, which I never do...  But actually, I just am starting from the top center, and stitching the pattern upside down.  Once you have a few landmarks, you can then flip it and stitch it right side up. 
Where there is a will, there is a way...
It's a lovely little pattern so far.  

And I stitched a little more of Salem Sisters 3. 

Sunday, June 25, 2017

It was Quick...

 Changed a few things, omitted the cats from the bottom.  In real life, that 'T' in the middle is hard to see unless you are at an angle.  I might need to stitch those boxed letters with the orange.  Calling it done for now.
This shows that I'm starting Salem Sisters 3 on the same fabric.  There is 4 inches between the two designs, giving you a better idea that the first one is not that big.  Not cutting the fabric just lets me put it in the bigger hoop when stitching smaller patterns.  Cameo Peach 28ct, one over one, using suggested GAST flosses.  Bottom photo might give a close idea of the actual fabric color. 

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Back to a WIP....

 Went back to this one for a few days.  The frame was done before, so I was working on that top row from the bird over to the flower like circle thing. 
But tonight I HAD to start something different - this is Salem Sisters I from Plum Street Samplers on Cameo Peach jobelan, 28 ct, one over one.  Using Classic Colorworks suggested floss.  It's basically a brown/tan neutral fabric.  I ordered all three of the Salem Sisters charts, but only 1 and 3 shipped.  This one is supposed to finish at  4 x 4.5 inches.  So it will be quick. 

Monday, June 19, 2017

Nicer Than The Photo

A Stitcher's Sampler from The Primitive Hare.
Finished.  On 28 ct Queen Anne's Lace, one over one, GAST Garden Gate, way more than 5 yards used.   
I made the border line the same on both side, fixed the 'feed' into 'fed',  altered a couple of other letters.  Finished size is 4.5 x 7 inches.  It's nicer than that photo shows it to be.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

A Sun Faded Effect

I pulled this one to start, and it has just been the nicest thing to stitch. 
A Stitcher's Sampler from The Primitive Hare.
The chart says - My Soul is 'Feed' with Needle and Thread.
Which was just enough to make me debate buying the chart... but I found the designer corrected version of the words on-line, so that it will read - My Soul is 'Fed' with Needle and Thread.   Then I ordered the chart.  And it would have been an easy fix, to just leave out the extra letter, making me really lazy.  
I'm using the GAST Garden Gate suggested, and stitching on Queen Anne's Lace 28ct jobelan, one over one. 
But the floss reads as sun faded for most of the stitches.  Look at that top row of bees, you get a couple of dark areas on the wings, but the rest reads as sun faded bees.   That sun faded effect is interesting.  Something I'd like to play with on other charts with this same fabric / floss combination.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Another Quick Finish

Another quick finish.
This is Primitive Moodkeep from Plum Street Samplers.  There are two patterns that are done into little pillows.  This is called 'Blessings to Thee'.  There is also another pattern with this one - and the reason for me to buy this pattern - it's called 'A Pox Upon Thee'.  But if I do that first - this one never gets done.  So I did the nice version first.  And it stitched up in a single day. 

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Calling it 'Done'

I'm calling it 'Done'.  Omitting the single stitch square border, the year, and initials.
If you put on a border like that, you are limited on the frame.  Without it, even a round frame would work.  Sometimes, simple works better. 

Finished about 5 inches each way at the wide points. 
Stitched one over one with the suggested floss on 28ct Dove Gray jobelan.  There is a slight variation in the photo of the Bayberry green floss in the leaves.  In real life, you can't really see it at all.  Changed that up and down line in the bowl to be darker.  Other than that - it's the pattern. 
It wasn't what I expected, it's different, but that's fine.  I have gotten several versions of the suggested wren fabric in  both cashel and lugana, and I liked the pattern photo, so went with a gray and not wren, which is much more brown. 

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Finished Two More

The second ABCD from La-D-Da.
Stitched with GAST Buckeye Scarlet.  One over one, on Dove Gray 28 ct. 
The purple one is also GAST, but just called Limited Edition. 
Went back to finish this one.  'It's Halloween', from Foxwood Crossings.  Stitched with the recommended fabric, 28ct Cyprium Cashel and WDW Onyx.  One over one.  And my first time stitching on cashel.  It's placed odd on the fabric, I thought I had room to do it twice.  But I plan to just fold it over and finish by stuffing it.   I bought another piece of this same fabric after seeing it stitched over two - but doing it once was fine for now.  It's done.  Proving I can go back and finish something.  Which is kinda the plan at the moment. 

But then there was this.... see right there in the middle????
This was outside in the dark - this is all with a camera flash.  Right there in the middle of the picture.  It seemed HUGE.  I've seen what I call corn spiders - hate those, and then I see this - in the dark you could see the outline.  I stepped inside to grab the camera, and there was another spider about the size of a dime on the wall, I swatted him, and have to clean the wall now.  But I wanted a photo to show scale - so the regular width of a front step and  hand railing...  it's bigger...  but I got some closer photos, and the head reflects, or glows in all the photos.

Not a clue why the camera flash reflects.  Not like it's got a single shiny tooth.
I ended this with a shot of spray bug killer.  I don't mind one - but the thought of this one with a breeding partner - nope.  It's not just a single edited photo, no, it's all different photos.  Once I hit it with the bug killer he ran to the crevice between the step and the sidewalk.
Mostly meaning I'm not gonna be parking my butt on these steps this summer.  That thing is big enough to tap me on the shoulder and ask me to move over...  I've been kinda waiting to hear the - tap, tap, tap, on the front door, and it asking - Hey - why did you spray me?  And to be there with a dozen more friends behind it.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Goofy Photo Still

Still a goofy photo.
A photo of PeliCan with the Quarter Horse floss.  Still on the first floss.  One over one - 28 count lugana, Doubloon.

Ordered a bunch of floss to kit patterns.  And it included a free floss  Mine is a grape, mulberry color..  So I used it to start the ABCD pattern from La-D-Da, on Dove Gray 28ct jobelan, one over one.  And finished it in two days.  But the scrap will let me do it again, and so nice I'll stitch it twice - applies.  Different color.  It used more than half the floss.  Left the highlighter in to give a sense of scale.