Wednesday, June 14, 2017

A Sun Faded Effect

I pulled this one to start, and it has just been the nicest thing to stitch. 
A Stitcher's Sampler from The Primitive Hare.
The chart says - My Soul is 'Feed' with Needle and Thread.
Which was just enough to make me debate buying the chart... but I found the designer corrected version of the words on-line, so that it will read - My Soul is 'Fed' with Needle and Thread.   Then I ordered the chart.  And it would have been an easy fix, to just leave out the extra letter, making me really lazy.  
I'm using the GAST Garden Gate suggested, and stitching on Queen Anne's Lace 28ct jobelan, one over one. 
But the floss reads as sun faded for most of the stitches.  Look at that top row of bees, you get a couple of dark areas on the wings, but the rest reads as sun faded bees.   That sun faded effect is interesting.  Something I'd like to play with on other charts with this same fabric / floss combination.

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Robin in Virginia said...

What a cool piece to be working on! I like the "sun faded" effect.