Thursday, June 8, 2017

Finished Two More

The second ABCD from La-D-Da.
Stitched with GAST Buckeye Scarlet.  One over one, on Dove Gray 28 ct. 
The purple one is also GAST, but just called Limited Edition. 
Went back to finish this one.  'It's Halloween', from Foxwood Crossings.  Stitched with the recommended fabric, 28ct Cyprium Cashel and WDW Onyx.  One over one.  And my first time stitching on cashel.  It's placed odd on the fabric, I thought I had room to do it twice.  But I plan to just fold it over and finish by stuffing it.   I bought another piece of this same fabric after seeing it stitched over two - but doing it once was fine for now.  It's done.  Proving I can go back and finish something.  Which is kinda the plan at the moment. 

But then there was this.... see right there in the middle????
This was outside in the dark - this is all with a camera flash.  Right there in the middle of the picture.  It seemed HUGE.  I've seen what I call corn spiders - hate those, and then I see this - in the dark you could see the outline.  I stepped inside to grab the camera, and there was another spider about the size of a dime on the wall, I swatted him, and have to clean the wall now.  But I wanted a photo to show scale - so the regular width of a front step and  hand railing...  it's bigger...  but I got some closer photos, and the head reflects, or glows in all the photos.

Not a clue why the camera flash reflects.  Not like it's got a single shiny tooth.
I ended this with a shot of spray bug killer.  I don't mind one - but the thought of this one with a breeding partner - nope.  It's not just a single edited photo, no, it's all different photos.  Once I hit it with the bug killer he ran to the crevice between the step and the sidewalk.
Mostly meaning I'm not gonna be parking my butt on these steps this summer.  That thing is big enough to tap me on the shoulder and ask me to move over...  I've been kinda waiting to hear the - tap, tap, tap, on the front door, and it asking - Hey - why did you spray me?  And to be there with a dozen more friends behind it.


Starry-eyed stitcher said...

Well, you are like a little cross stitching machine. Well done. I hate spiders too. I don't like to kill them so if someone is around they (not me) take them outside. If I am alone I am sorry to say they die! In a frenzied attack. In case they get me! Irene xxx

Robin in Virginia said...

You are on a roll with finishes. Good for you! I look forward to seeing what you since up next. Buckeye Scarlet is a gorgeous red. Not a fan of spiders here!