Tuesday, August 15, 2017

And then there was just one...

And then there was just one more.

I'm trying to finish this one.  Widening it still appeals to me, but not right now. 

I got 3 of the 4 patterns I ordered.  One sold out right away, and is backordered.  I ordered those cheap little sharp scissors.  I ordered the Colour and Cotton floss while it was on sale.  I am still waiting for my book from Germany, but it could still be 10 more days.  Today I placed an order for several things.  But I am gonna start to stitch from my stash.  I have spent this year refilling my stash, and kitting things.  And I have two exceptions, the Loose Feathers and the Schoolhouse series since the charts are still coming out slowly.  And I ordered from the PTP fabric sale, so it's still gonna show up.  So I have things to look forward to coming yet. 

But I am watching way too many people shopping as entertainment.  Spending money to make ourselves feel better.  Most of us have done it, or a slightly different versions of it.  Myself included. But at some point - we do need to use the things we have bought.  We need to not just keep stashing more and more and more. 

And I need to organize my projects.  I'm to the point where I am not sure what I have gotten and nearly ordering it again.  But I stopped to look if it was in my stash, and it was.  So I have enough.  I have recorded off library audiobooks - and have them stashed.  I have dvds I have not watched after buying them.    Podcasts I download and have not listened to.  Books I have bought and not read.  And then bought the audiobook version cause I did not read the ebook, or read the real book.
Time to start to use it up.  

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Just 2 More Parts

Just two more parts to go - one band, and that top repeat of the bottom area.
Ordered part 2 of the Schoolhouse series, and Life after Death, and a couple more charts.  I could not make up my mind about Life after Death.  I think the name finally got to me.