Sunday, September 10, 2017

More dmc 310...

Good Grief, there is a lot of just dmc black on this.  But I put the skeins on there to show size. 
As I said before, I was looking for an orange - got this Terra Cotta, dmc 3064 basically.  But I looked again, on the 28 count even weaves - just not much to pick from.  So I tried the 25 count even weaves and I think one there is an orange that will work.  Only need a $6 cut to do two different projects.  There is also a Victorian Red that is supposed to be dmc 814  - which is a color I like, so a fabric of that color might be fun to play with - and all I need of that is a $6 cut. 

So this was the mail.  All lugana 28 count, PTP fabrics.  Top is Ale, left is Shadow, right is Lupine.  Lupine is not even close to a medium/dark rich brown on lugana.    I wanted the Shadow to be right - it is - the other two, I've tried for hours to say something nice - I can't.  Gonna leave it at that, go back to stitching.  I got my PTP sale fabrics, bigger cuts of other colors, they were fine.  But I have enough of the dyed fabrics at this point to keep me busy. 

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Robin in Virginia said...

Pretty colors you received, but know you are disappointed with the Ale and Lupine. The Lupine looks reddish to me. You have made good progress on your Book of Spells project.