Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Slowly - but hanging in there

 Still working on it.  The floss around the 13 is Weeks Terra Cotta.  And the fabric is Terra Cotta.  I was not sure it would show, but it does.  I discovered a counting error, but at this point, I'm not sure where, but the moon circle sits a row too low, but the rest of the math and borders  and words worked - so I don't really have a  clue, and even better, I don't care.  I am going with the theory - less is more...  so the plan is to drop a few things anyway.   I like it.  It is just going sort of slow. 
I said I did not want to buy random floss.  Even at a dime each.  Well....
I had to stop at Walmart - and last time I was there it was a dime other stores, but not this one.  So I looked this time - had to ask - and she pointed me to the clearance aisle.  It had not been picked over - so I just pulled what I liked.  I got 279 skeins.  Just under $30.  Once I had it sorted - there are 69 different colors.
So I had old actual floss bags - but they were kinda tacky - just old plastic I guess.  So I had heard you could use those food baggies in the snack size.   The length is a skein - so they fit nicely.  I put from 1 to 14 in each bag - but even at 14, it might have held a couple more.  I had the big metal center ring already from the floss baggies.  So I just took a paper hole punch tool and I punched a hole in each one.  It was not a clean cut - but stitching scissors make it easy to finish trimming out the holes.  So there are 279 floss all on one ring - filed by number.  Making it as easy as I can to check before just going to buy more.  I am so happy with the results of this.  I did actually shove them into the original floss baggies - but they had to be folded over, and it was bulky cause things were folded in the bags.  So it did not really fit on just a single ring.  So I pulled from all from the floss baggies, tossed them, and then used the food snack sized baggies.  And then not bulky at all.

One other thing.  On the Picture This Plus fabrics.  We are all puzzled about what a website photo will look like on the actually fabric that shows up at our mailbox.  I had ordered directly from Picture This Plus.  And I am ordering a lugana - and I know and understand - it's not going to look like that sample photo.  I'm fine with that - to a point.  But we ALL hate it.  So while on 123 Stitch, I have always known - on regular fabrics they say - like dmc number something - so you can at least get an idea.  But I was looking at the Ale - I felt it should have been darker.  So I looked on 123 Stitch, and thought maybe if I just buy the linen.  But when I looks up that fabric - it said the color, then it said - like dmc number...  And you think - yeah, but maybe it says the same for aida, or evenweave and linen.  But it does NOT do that - the dmc compare number for PTP Ale on linen, is different from the PTP Ale on lugana.  So I compared mine to that dmc number for lugana - and it is the same  So I looked up the linen version.  And there are two different numbers for lugana and linen, but they are really very close to my fabric.  Okay, I saw  one called Storm.  So I looked it up - it looked gray.  So it had the dmc compare numbers - so I looked them up - and they were blues, not grays at all.  But that was the only place I've seen with the dmc compare numbers listed with the PTP fabrics.  But like I said - different number for different fabrics.  But for the PTP fabrics that 123 Stitch is selling and stocking - it's obvious, they are trying to get the numbers right using the stock they have.  And it's still going to change from time to time - but if I am looking for a gray, and the dmc numbers are blue - it's a HUGE help right there.  I know they have been doing that on the other fabrics for a long time - but now - they are doing that on those PTP fabrics too.   Maybe making life easier trying to pick a fabric.  But unless you notice - you don't know.  And I was buying direct to get a certain color - so I had not been looking at the 123 Stitch fabric pages.  But I will be from this point forward on PTP fabrics. 

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Robin in Virginia said...

I like how the Weeks Terra Cotta looks on your terra cotta fabric. Thank you for the heads up regarding DMC numbers and PTP fabrics at the 123 Stitch shop! Good deal on the DMC floss; those snack size baggies come in handy for many things and not just snacks.