Monday, March 12, 2018

A stitch here, and a stitch there

I made it all the way around...  and the border met up properly.  Still on the second skein of floss.

This is a restart of On Prudence.  It calls for a 36 count in this color.  My LNS had a 32 count, but nobody seemed to have it in 36 count.  It was supposed to be one over two threads...  But I don't like that on a 32 count - so I tried them all, 1 over 1, 1 over 2, 2 over 2.  Two over two is what I settled on.  But that means I need twice the thread amount.  I had a set of the suggested, then with restarts, I got more, and it's $40 more to just get another full set, so I'm gonna just do the border, see how far I get.  Bottom line, it's gonna be huge.But I really love the sentiment - so I'm gonna do it.  But I have been all over with my feelings about this fabric - including nearly tossing it - but it was a $40 cut of fabric,so I'm gonna use it.
This was my order of get it while you can....  On some video - there is the set of six snowmen done as the single design- but it's done on a deep stormy blue - and it looks like night, the whites just pop.  I can't tell which PTP it is, but it's haunted or mystic, and that is why I ended up getting the sets. 
Also got more Anchor black. 
And I got the called for Weeks for this chart.  The FOTM was Rose Water, and it's just barely got any hint of rose color - but I'm thinking it might be good with these floss colors.
But I used part of it to start this one - on a 32 count, one over one. 
See - see the rose water color?  yeah, not on lugana you don't.  So I tried dmc 814 to pull that hint of color out.  It's Heartstring Samplery's logo of the girl in the dress.  There is text in the dress, which as a single stitch on 32 count - I am thinking that is not going to go well, so I am just outlining and filling in.  And I do so much in black - I really did not want to do it in black.
Then video people talk about this, so I was tempted to just see if I had the stuff last week, this week I just pulled the stuff from my stash... and I started it about 4 pm, and this is as far as I was just a few hours later...  The tail is a little longer yet - I am short two of the colors...  but I had nine of the eleven.  This is about six of the colors used.  That is a five inch hoop.  The design is the length of my thumb from top to bottom.    It's on Brash PTP, but the lugana 28 count version.  I was just curious if I could finish it in just a couple of nights - and I can once I get those other two floss colors.
I am clearly all over the map on what I want to stitch.  I ordered the patterns because it was now or not at all.  But it is still like I want to shop for more.  But I really like what is in my stash more than anything else out there.  Which is a nice thing.   

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Robin in Virginia said...

I like the Heartstring piece in the red. What is the name of the last project you featured with the bird? The Lizzie Kate snow pieces might have been stitched on nocturne or twilight as well. What fabric are you using for On Prudence?