Monday, April 2, 2018

Let's try this and that...

This was the extra pattern I had wanted and gotten. 
Barbara Ana - Love Never Fails.  On Sage/Khaki 28 ct, one over one, dmc floss.  It is actually lovely.  The words in the heart are not gonna work for me.  But I'm thinking something from Pride and Prejudice will fit into the heart.  The people can be Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam.  I'm fine with fictional Love Never Fails. 
Then I was looking at something that used 35 count fabric.  So I had gotten a scrap that is 35 to try.  Decided Stitch Every Day from Hands On Designs would work as a test.  A good pattern will work on several fabrics.  So the original first one is on 30 count, two over two, and the test is on 35, one over two.  Now I know I can order some 36 count and be fine for a different pattern.  It's the same floss used on both.    Yeah, I like the original better too.

This is LHN - Quilt Time Sampler - 28 count Ivory, one over one, dmc floss.  From my stash, but has had the floss with it for years.  This was just a quick stitch on it for a couple of days...  but then
Squirrel !!!
Jardin Prive - ABC de la Brodeuse.  This was the one I was looking for when I figured the LHN pattern would do instead.  This is the banner / bellpull.  That is the total width of 2.5 inches.  It's 20 inches long.  That is 28 count Queen Anne's Lace, so yeah, that mottling dirt look is correct.  It is all dmc floss, one over one.  I'm already thinking it would be interesting to pop the colors to something darker than pinks and dirt and dust browns.  I have quite enough dust to know that color, I'm not really wanting to stitch that color too.  But every little thing does feel like a finish.  And like everything else I do, very few things are actually completed considering I started bottom center.  I really should just call my stitching style - Squirrel!!!
I have to clean up real life paperwork and sort out a few real life things.  Stitching will have to be put to the side for a minute.  Yeah, let's see how long that works for me.

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Robin in Virginia said...

Lovely pieces you are working on! I like the "Stitch Every Day" piece on the darker fabric.