Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Still Stitching...

 The Four Seasons thing...  now has June completed.  This is three full skeins of dmc used, one over one at this point.
 This Plum Street has the grass filled in up to this point... Liberty's Welcome...
 Beloved has been filling in...  So I have the borders finished - that bottom box is finished.  It allows for a name, date, something, but I'm leaving that empty for now.  I admit I skipped up to the next skinny row flower band - completed it, then that big basket of flowers was completed last night.  So a section is the goal. 
This Lizzie Kate was in the mix at some point.  Completed, crap photo.  Ironed and a stabilizer added on the back - and gonna make a tiny pillow, and then - distracted.  Or could not make up my mind about if I wanted to try chenille...  then gonna have to order it...  and trying not to order anything.

Not stitching a bunch, and pulled the blog off line cause somebody decided I used a word that meant I must be trying for traffic...  or selling something.  So I pull the blog to private for a while, hoping they go away.  I am not trying to avoid a person but something more 'oh, make more blog traffic' that then seemed to get a second slightly different version of that coming to my blog...  so then I had two versions of creepy looking around.  So I go to not public, and hope they go away, and I pop up public again.  I just talk about stitching or crazy crap...  and sometimes it is just to track progress, or materials....  inspire, vent.  But if I do go dark - you'll understand.  I'm still here, I'm still stitching. 

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Robin in Virginia said...

Your WIPS are looking good. Well done on getting the LK piece finished! I hope the unwanted commenters go away for you.