Monday, September 10, 2018

A Week Of Stitching This

Cricket Collection - Walk in the Woods.  Ivory Jobela 28ct, dmc floss, one over one.
This is one of those patterns that catches my eye every time.  The plan was to stitch things I had already started, this one was simply a new start.  There are seven rows of letters, meaning this is more than half of the pattern.  As with any walk in the woods, there might be a hidden frog or two... and yep, I have found them, or I would have a little more completed. I did take the pattern to get it blown up so I could see the pattern - and it was so worth the 82 cents it cost to do that.  There are 28 colors in this, two sizes of dots, also a dot in a square, open stars, solid stars, a dash, and an elipse, you know, a fat oval dash that is solid, and oh, there is also an open oval elipse, and an equals sign, and an elipse with a slash thru it - all fine unless it's printed smaller than you can see.  This one, and a Lizzie Kate kit pattern are the two I just felt like I was fighting an uphill battle to just read the pattern symbols.  Enlarged - it's all good.  Except for not being able to actually space things like the pattern says, hence the frogs.  This is all back to the pattern at the moment.  But I have really slowed down stitching on it.  But that is exactly how things get shoved into the started but not finished pile o' things.

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Robin in Virginia said...

This looks great. I love the color palette of this stitch.