Tuesday, January 8, 2019

My 2019 stitching plan....

Blackbird Designs - Waiting For The Harvest.  I started this with a couple of those GAST limited no name floss.  One was solid orange for pumpkins, the other green with orange.  Birds are dmc 310.  Skipped the initials.  Just one more of those small patterns to stitch on a scrap.  Fussy stitched, but  just playin' with thread. 
Beasties continues.  That bottom left critter, he only has three legs in the pattern.  Have the middle left side, and a frog hanging from the bird's beak on the right yet to do.

I watched several floss tube wip parades, or plans for 2019.  I have the normal - fly by the seat of my pants, not a clue, plan.  I nearly restarted something that I just started.  One of those - oh, yeah - moments.  I considered just taking a photo of each one to show it as a visual reminder - yeah, I'd rather just stitch.  I really have no clue how many there are.  It doesn't matter.