Friday, February 8, 2019

This Red, That Red, The Other Red...

 The pattern I was waiting for last time - Prairie Schooler - Happy Christmas.  But I changed the red to 498 ( was 355 ), and changed the gold to 783 ( was 420 ).  Okay, there is a squirrel in that tree - the nut is the original 420.  And that squirrel is supposed to be red - I made him the gray that is the smoke from the chimney.  I have stitched lots of reds, but never that 783 red.  But I loved it as a Christmas red, but I think it's because it's stitched on black.  On a different fabric, it's gonna be different.    
So Christmas red was still the idea...  But the weather got bad, the red I had stashed was 814, so ByGone Stitches, Quaker Christmas II - Songs of the Seasons got started.  This is from the bottom to the top, and from left to right....almost.  I have one more quaker to get me to the corner.  Stitching it on PTP Legacy lugana 28 ct, one over one.  I have 8 skeins, so I am going to spread that and see how far it gets me.  Not following the color patterns suggested, and I am fixing the pattern as I go.  I thought maybe the Happy Christmas pattern would be the test for Quaker Christmas II colors, but then it wasn't. 
And I did get that one floss I was missing from the halloween pattern.  So I have enough to stop starting more, and just rotate and fill things in.