Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Tried This, Started That

 If you get something you HAVE to start it, right?  That is what market is all about, right?
With Thy Needle and Thread - Brick House Sampler.  This is sort of wonderful, but again, it is one over one, on a 28 count mushroom lugana evenweave. 
This was part of my Lizzie Kate, get it while you can.  It's gonna go quick.  It reminds me of somebody I know.  Be Who You Are - dmc floss - one over one - 32 count floba.
 Then, Blackbird Designs - Winter Is Past.  Called for fancy flosses, one over one, on 32 count Floba.
I had never heard of Floba.  But Stitch and Frog had offered a fat quarter for something cheap, so I ordered it months ago.  This is a photo of it in Oatmeal, 32 count, with my starts on it.  But I am using the backside of it.  See, the front side does have a lovely mottling, and it's darker.  It has specks of dark tossed in - just enough on the backside to also be interesting.  But this was a 32 count - I thought, oh, can I get this in a 28? a 25?  So I started to look.  But the stuff Stitch and Frog sells is 32 and from Zweigart, and she's saying it's called, extra fine oatmeal.  It's $14 for a fat quarter.  So then I looked on 123 Stitch - and they sell Floba, in 18 and 25 counts only - $12 and $13 for a fat quarter.  But it's made by Wichelt.  Meaning, it could look completely different. All oatmeals do not look the same.  I think Hobby Lobby sold something similar but it's different too, so I might have just lucked into a 32 cut that I liked from Stitch and Frog. 

I had ordered a 40 count to try that Blackbird pattern.  40 count, over two - yeah, that's way out of my comfort zone.  It was a PTP fabric that I got - and stitching over two - I'd get a 20 stitch per inch result, but I'm already stitching 28 and 32 over one.  But I had wondered.  I have something else that is a 35 count to try yet.  I know just a few threads more or less is a big deal.  I'm on easy street at 25, comfortable at 28, and pushing it at 32, all over one.  So a 35 or 36 over two?  I get that over two on 40 is a 20 count over one result - but I have always said - counting to two is not my thing.  But there have been patterns - that called for a 36 or a 40 count - or the fabric I needed was only available in those higher counts - so I had wondered.  The answer for me is - not even if they were giving it away free.  Nope, just out of my comfort zone completely.  But on the upside - I'm never going to have to look or consider it anymore. 
And I got a few more stitches into this.  Almost done with the second skein of Anchor.
Yeah, it's not my favorite, but it's easy.  It's on 25 count.

I went to the dmc sale to get floss for the Lizzie Kate patterns.  I got 99 more skeins of dmc.  Matched them to the patterns.  Then I looked to see if the one Lizzie Kate kit pattern I had still considered was back in stock - and it was - I ordered it, so I would have no regrets, and picked up one other one that I keep seeing in videos with people stitching it.  I had just gotten the dmc flosses knowing the second pattern was getting ordered at some point.  I am still trying to adjust my spending - but you gotta buy it when they have it, or you get floss while it's on sale, but it's putting my spending out of whack.  At some point, I know it will settle. 

Friday, March 16, 2018

Stitching away on anything....

Rosewood Manor - Inspiration.  PTP Moonglow, 32 count, 2 over 2, using dmc suggested.
The border didn't meet the first time, but I got it the second time.  This was one I liked but avoided, but it popped up in a video, and I had picked up the pattern half price last summer, the fabric was easy to get.
Lo How The Rose - On black 25 count, one over one.  The flash is blowing out the colors.  It really needs two strands to solid up the light colors.  It works, but I think it could be better. 
This was my pre-market order that arrived today.  I have the first Sumatra started, and will do this one in red silk to match.  The fabric is dark, so a dark green silk I loved, would not work, and the red silk will be just fine.  Got a cut of fabric for Brick House, to maybe match the other WTNT fabric, since it was coming from the same place.
Then Lizzie Kate should have had no effect, but there were sets I had most of it, so had to decide - fill it in, or not.  Just today, I found one I needed at my LNS, and I ordered the other two I needed, and I am saying, I AM DONE.  I got some other odd ones days ago, and I ordered the second set of floss for On Prudence, so I can mix the flosses together, and I ordered a cut of 40 count to try since I have never tried 40 count over two.  I wanna try a BBD pattern on it, nothing crazy.  I just want to not order or need anything for a while.  Seriously. 

The On Prudence fabric from the last entry is 32 Navy Bean - but it called for 36, and 1,2,3 Stitch never seemed to have it in stock.  I tried different colors and fabrics, and I got that 32 Navy Bean count from my LNS.
The Bird pattern from last time is Cricket Collection - Two Familiars. #268.  I admit I have not finished it, but I only got the two dmc floss that I needed today.     
I have not seen the people considering the acre next to me since I talked to them.  I did see a new person today.  But he stopped - walked over there - looked - and then left quickly.  I will take a photo of what they see - just so you can laugh too.

Monday, March 12, 2018

A stitch here, and a stitch there

I made it all the way around...  and the border met up properly.  Still on the second skein of floss.

This is a restart of On Prudence.  It calls for a 36 count in this color.  My LNS had a 32 count, but nobody seemed to have it in 36 count.  It was supposed to be one over two threads...  But I don't like that on a 32 count - so I tried them all, 1 over 1, 1 over 2, 2 over 2.  Two over two is what I settled on.  But that means I need twice the thread amount.  I had a set of the suggested, then with restarts, I got more, and it's $40 more to just get another full set, so I'm gonna just do the border, see how far I get.  Bottom line, it's gonna be huge.But I really love the sentiment - so I'm gonna do it.  But I have been all over with my feelings about this fabric - including nearly tossing it - but it was a $40 cut of fabric,so I'm gonna use it.
This was my order of get it while you can....  On some video - there is the set of six snowmen done as the single design- but it's done on a deep stormy blue - and it looks like night, the whites just pop.  I can't tell which PTP it is, but it's haunted or mystic, and that is why I ended up getting the sets. 
Also got more Anchor black. 
And I got the called for Weeks for this chart.  The FOTM was Rose Water, and it's just barely got any hint of rose color - but I'm thinking it might be good with these floss colors.
But I used part of it to start this one - on a 32 count, one over one. 
See - see the rose water color?  yeah, not on lugana you don't.  So I tried dmc 814 to pull that hint of color out.  It's Heartstring Samplery's logo of the girl in the dress.  There is text in the dress, which as a single stitch on 32 count - I am thinking that is not going to go well, so I am just outlining and filling in.  And I do so much in black - I really did not want to do it in black.
Then video people talk about this, so I was tempted to just see if I had the stuff last week, this week I just pulled the stuff from my stash... and I started it about 4 pm, and this is as far as I was just a few hours later...  The tail is a little longer yet - I am short two of the colors...  but I had nine of the eleven.  This is about six of the colors used.  That is a five inch hoop.  The design is the length of my thumb from top to bottom.    It's on Brash PTP, but the lugana 28 count version.  I was just curious if I could finish it in just a couple of nights - and I can once I get those other two floss colors.
I am clearly all over the map on what I want to stitch.  I ordered the patterns because it was now or not at all.  But it is still like I want to shop for more.  But I really like what is in my stash more than anything else out there.  Which is a nice thing.   

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Time for another Crazy Story...

This is the first skein of Anchor floss completed.
On the right hand side border - those half empty ones - that is HALFWAY.
Yeah, that is about 24 of those bumps from the bottom, and there are 48 bumps along the sides.
Pattern is - Beloved from A Stitcher's Hands.
Okay, it snowed more, I had to start it.  But I'm changing it.
For my records...
Border, windows, doors, Gast - Dark Chocolate.
Red used is Weeks - Merlot
Green used is Weeks - Juniper
Whites are the suggested, omitting the yellow windows.
Words will be Picnic Basket, suggested, and the one I have in my stash, and in the photo, looks like it will blend with the PTP 28 count Ale fabric.
Folded the fabric at the center, enough room to stitch it twice if I do not like this version.

Now can I talk about crazy things?
I wrote about the wooded acre lot next to me having the trees chopped out.  The next plan was the tree cutting owner sells the lot after cutting all the trees he can sell for lumber.  So lately this van shows up odd times, the guy walks it, then leaves, and there is always some woman in the van.  This is what happens when somebody considers it.  But he keeps coming back.  So I finally was outside when he was here.  So I decide to explain - we all get robbed, meth woman lives next door, flasher guy is across the street, crazy woman next to him, guys just pulling into my driveway and go up on my roof..... here are the basics you might wanna know.  I'd wanna know.  So the woman comes over to not miss this info.  Great.
She explains she is blind.  She's maybe 45, plus or minus.  So the flasher guy can flash her all he wants, she says.  She wants to build a Victorian style house on it, but not in line with the other houses, but way at the back of the lot.
She explains she just woke up with no vision.  She does have dilated pupils.  She however uses no cane, no aid...  to walk over.  She has never been the one driving.  Blindness has levels certainly.  So building a Victorian style house for a blind person is the plan, with an insanely long driveway on a slope.  She explains they will just gravel it.  I said, you might wanna ask the city about that - and you have to be able to turn a fire truck around - it's a dead end street,   that's gonna also come off the end of that acre.  But ask the city about the rules before you buy it.  Maybe I'm wrong, I'm wrong all the time.  And she had said she was trying to find out some things, I was just giving her a few things she might want to ask about.
And we get back to her blindness.  You've had a moment to think about this while reading this...  have you guessed about why she might be suddenly blind?  Age for something medical maybe?  Brain tumor?  Not really polite to ask.  I just met these people now standing in my driveway.  But if you have read these added things before, crazy crap is said in MY driveway...  She decides to talk more...
She was an art teacher.  Then one day she woke up in the hospital, not knowing exactly why or how she got there.  It was from being shot in the head.
I'll pause.  Welcome to MY world.  What IS the proper response to being told that? 
Next she then says - oh, I have PTSD memories now coming back about an intruder in the room.  Another person in the room.  BUT the cops say - self inflicted. But I have these memories now about another person being there.
And then LATER, this newest developement was, I woke up with no eyesight one day...

I said - is this some story that I should already know because it made the newspaper at some point?
She is from here, this happened here.  Then she wants to know which political side I am on - where I stand on the issues...  my answer is something like - I'm not really into politics... I don't try to change anybody's opinion to match mine.
She explained, that she was gonna come over and spend lots of time with me once she moved next door....  she likes me.

Oh, good GOD.
You don't know for sure who shot you in the head? Oh, that is kinda of deal breaker on - let's be friends....  but you clearly do fit the crazy shit that shows up in my driveway.

I understand, it's like people are sometimes put in my path for me to warn them.  So I do, but do I expect them to listen?  Nope.  I'm the warning.  I have even sometimes said that, cause it happens all the time.  I never know exactly what I am supposed to say...  heck maybe she's a meth woman too, would explain the shot to the head...  so I just spill everything I can think of, but then added - I don't really care if you build on it or not.  I'm planning on moving at some point - I think it sucks living here.  I have no clue why you'd think that is a great place to put the house you want on it.  But I'd want the warnings, so I've given that info to you.  If you decide it works for you - Welcome to the neighborhood.  They did say - thanks for the information.  That they had moved from the place she was shot in the head to a different place, but that place is also not great.

Ask me again why I wanna move....  I asked my friend - is there some sort of beacon on my house like the star of Bethlehem?, but for crazy people?
And I can sort of think - okay, maybe none of what she said was true.  All just bullshit.  Her irises were very wide - that is all I know.  The flasher guy stepped out of his house - I said - well, that's the flasher guy...  she looked - meaning - not totally blind...  she's probably not totally blind yet...  I did try to google to see, but nothing there, nor would there be if it was ruled self inflicted.  It's just another one of those - this is crazy stories.  This is not normal, it's just not. 

Monday, March 5, 2018

Easy to stitch at 3 am.

I wanted something I could see at 3 am to stitch, meaning a 25 count something, so this got started.
A Stitcher's Hands - Beloved.
Fabric is 25 count Stormy Night lugana, floss is Anchor brand black. This pattern eats floss. 
Stormy Night is a mottled gray.  I wanted a black on stone or marble effect.  It appears like the mottling is only one side of the fabric - just gray on the other side.  But I have seen those cuts that the color and the mottling are both printed on - it's not that.  Look at the design, some mottling will show, but subtle.  So this will work without a more expensive cut.  But I'm sure this is probably printed too.
I wanted to try Anchor black - people said it has better coverage, I stitch with black all the time.
It probably does - it's really solid on this 25 count over one. 
This was the pattern of the day - and I always like it, ( I hear the Tom Jones version in my head... ) but I want to change it.  So I ordered it.  The suggested fabric is the middle Ale in a different count.  I wanted to see the Wheat lugana, again, don't go by this photo - it's more brown/tan.  Today it rained, then hailed, then iced everything, then hailed again, then snowed on top.  And so the PERFECT pattern to get today.  I wanna make the house a deeper wine red, no yellow windows....  The whites look nice against the Ale.  I wanna start those whites with the snow and ice outside right now.

Below was the other thing I ordered and got today.
The book that had the pattern for Lo, How A Rose.
It's a 2001 Better Homes and Gardens Christmas book.  The cover looks like the other photo.  The designer is BrightNeedle - all one word.   It's 171 by 164.  I'm happy to finally get the pattern.  Charted for DMC and Anchor and Weeks Dye Works flosses.   The book was $8.47 delivered.

Friday, March 2, 2018

From the Stash

This is the first day stitch on the three part series from By The Bay Needleart - 13th Colony. 
This is the far right side, of the third pattern.  Four pages per design, two upper, two lower. 
I am stitching them as one long piece.  The wonderful thing is - on 28 count, one over one, they all fit on a fat quarter.  This is Wichelt jobelan 28 count Bluebell.  It's mottled, I wanted beautiful sky, not something lighter. But sky can also be water, and in wonderful photos, the water and the sky meet.
All dmc floss.  A page width is where the weeds are at the base of the tree to the corner.
Math says the whole thing should be 4.75 inches high, by 20.5 inches long.
This is 3.5 high now.  With this started, I won't grab and cut this material to try something else.  This fabric has been in my stash since Feb 2008, just waiting for the right design.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Back to Blackbird...

Back to stitching Blackbird Fraktur from Plum Street. 
I'm working on the left side, finished the fence, started the second bird, added the pumpkin. 
It's moving along.