Friday, February 23, 2018

White Lace?

As usual, my camera is showing colors off from reality.
I HAD a plan.  I have several lace looking patterns.  White dmc on one of these PTP fabrics, Huntress is the darker ones, you get a solid if you order lugana (right side), but a mottled if you order cashel (left side).  And Diva is the pink on lugana, which is NOT this pink in real life.  I pictured white lace laying on one of these as the goal, and what might be my result.
But I stitch one over one, and my stitches were crappy looking with one strand over one thread.  Okay, lets try two over two with white - no...  not solid enough.  Okay, let's try three over two.... with white dmc....  that is pretty good, but OMG - if you are not used to stitching with two threads, trying three threads, just no...
But I had some of that Sulky 12 wt - I'm happy with it on a 25 count over one - but I know it does not work on a 28 count, it's too thick, even with just one thread.  And the white spools I have - I bought what the store had - I'm using it for the other project.  So I have two of the black spools, maybe all they had for black.  Let me just try it....if Sulky is sort of one and a half threads - using two strands should be like three of the dmc strands...
So this is Ink Circles - Damask Square.
On PTP Diva 28 ct lugana - it really is not this pink, but it is sort of hooker, madam of the the whorehouse, like when Rhett shoves the red dress at Scarlett type of thing.  That sort of black on red feeling.  And it's thick - so it has dimension and texture.  I am using two over two - black Sulky 12 wt thread.
I am sometimes looking for just a different result - playing with fabrics and thread.  I started with something that would be sort of white and pure like lace, and I ended up with hooker at the whorehouse, and a black lace effect.  Which might say a lot more about me, when I say - I kinda like it.  But here is where I am probably screwed.  I do only have two of the black spools of this - I figure I will use up what I have, then know how much more I need.  But if you look - it is a quarter of the pattern complete - so less than four spools total - meaning I need one or two more, but I am guessing I got all the black they had - and so I can order it from Sulky - shipping will cost more than the thread.  So I am feeling like the hooker, betting I am screwed with not enough thread.  But, like I said - part of this is just playing - learning, seeing what the result is.  But it sure was not what the plan started out to be - see - I had a bunch of the white dmc floss.  More than enough.  Then I went down that black lace hooker path......
I won't be heartbroken if I don't finish it, I will try to use up ALL the black Sulky that I have so I do NOT repeat this.  With the other Long Dog in Sulky, white Sulky, I might not have enough thread there either - so THAT will be the moment I order thread - not really a worry for me now.  This is only about 7 inches square  total when completed - but I am starting to see the core of the spool, so I know I am not going to get halfway with one spool.  And yeah, if I had planned a little better, I could have just made some flower a different color and had enough thread.  I do have a pattern that I DO have to stitch two over two, because it has large center parts that are one over one in the middle of it.  Part of stitching this, is practice for that.  This is a lovely pattern, one I will try again someday, using different materials and thread. 
Updated - 
 This was the first spool emptied, and corner to corner, but not halfway.  I did see that two of the online shops offer the thread, so I can get a single spool with an order for new charts from market. 

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Well, Grab Something Else Then...

Finished M Designs - Celtic Heart
On PTP Sand 28 count - dmc 3857, which is a drab red, one over one.
Finished size is - 3 x 3.25 inches.
My second finish for 2018, not a huge pattern, but the floss gives you an idea about size.

This got started, Barbara Ana's - Midnight.  On a scrap of antique white, 28 count, one over one, that is mostly white, using dmc floss.  Again, scale shows if a skein of floss is on the fabric.  I was doing okay till the center date suddenly did not show up very well in that center pumpkin looking thing.  It just feels so fussy, since I am squeezing it onto a scrap, so a smaller hoop, tighter edges.  It says to stitch that border around the date in that darker of the house shadow side, I think it will be fine if I just use the lighter side of the house color.  But I have to frog it first.... 

This is a pattern called Band Sampler from the Historical Sampler Company.  It's is just something different.  Not really my favorite color combination.  On a 28 count antique white jobelan, one over one, using dmc floss.  It's just part of my stash.  Stitching from stash, it might not all be good stash.  But my thinking is I can mix up all these different things, and styles, and fabrics and flosses, and enjoy it all.  And parts of this, like the letters and the numbers, fun and easy, other parts are more fussy.  And yeah, I don't like the '3' - gonna alter it a little. 
I got some sale dmc floss, filled in floss for a few patterns I have and want to start.  I am still waiting for the LHN Barn pattern from my LNS.
I am trying to stay organized with all these starts.  But every time I want to grab something - I have four bins to look in - and whatever it is I want - I can't find it, even if I KNOW an hour ago - I had it in my hand and PUT it in one of those bins.  I just laugh and think - well, grab something else...

Thursday, February 15, 2018

An actual finish

An actual finish.  This was my 2018, new year, new start.
Lizzie Kate - ABC Halloween.
It only comes as a pattern with floss,  Mine came with Weeks Dye Works floss, and a substitution note included, the pattern print says Crescent colors.  Stitched it on 28 count Sage / Summer Khaki jobelan, one over one.
Finished size is 7 x 4 inches.  

Monday, February 12, 2018

Then There Was This

This is Sirin Jaidee from Sampler Cove.
On black lugana, 25 count, one over one, using dmc substitutes instead of the silks.  This is a project that needs good lighting, and natural daylight works best.  A fun stitch for sure.

Also is the January fabric of the month from Colour & Cotton, a gray that looks really nice laying on black lugana. 

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Started Ann...

Started Ann Grimshaw - On 28 count Water Lily jobelan, using dmc 520, one over one.
This is the outline of the bottom half almost.  Just need the quaker motif on the left side to be side to side.  The motif in that position is a hot mess of not symmetrical anything.  So I am fixing Ann Grimshaw here and there.  I respect her work totally, but this is Ann with me, not just Ann alone.    Started with 7 skeins, which had matching dye lots, that were the dime dmc floss, not enough I am sure.  So I am going to shot gun this dmc, get the outlines of things, the whole alphabets, then add the rest in, so it will not be off in just one corner or area.  It is supposed to be under 12 inches side to side and just over 15 inches top to bottom.  I like Ann, she is nice to spend time with, but like hanging out with any kid, sometimes, I am a bit confused as to what she was trying to do.  And I know she might know more about it than I do.  So I carefully consider each time.  The fabric works well with the floss, and in different lights and times of day, it looks more green, making it seem a little magical.
Did just a little more on Passion before Ann arrived.  I like it, but the parts that skip letters, or one has just omited the Z.  I have books of alphabets, I started checking, which mostly shows I am crazy.  And I understand some alphabets were missing some letters, got it, and I will buy the weird shaped letters from time to time.  I have even wanted to stitch examples of other languages alphabets.  I like alphabets, and words.  But when it sometimes gets right down to stitching the letter, I cringe a little.
This was the order, the Moonglow fabric, the fabric for Ann, which was started above, and I ordered the wool to make that  drum pattern complete.  It matches the basket, and tree wood, the spools very nicely to tie it together - it's Palomino, $6, for an 8 x 12, you need a top and bottom 4 inch circle, enough to do it twice easily.  I have plans way faster than I can stitch at the moment.  I am kinda proud that this is not showing that I started that Moonglow fabric too.  I haven't.  Mostly, I am sure, because I gathered the floss, but I am not sure where it is.  Yep, I am a stitching disorganized mess of lots of starts.  And know I might add just one or two more.  It is a case of planning way faster than I can stitch. 

Monday, February 5, 2018

More Starts....

Okay, I started PS Christmas Village, one over one, on a 28 count something basic, but not white or cream.  But my pattern is kinda lacking details, so I felt I was gonna get stuck, I did just the border and a few trees, then decided I would  have to wait till they someday reissued the pattern.  And Yep, that happened just days later and last Friday, so I ordered it.  That is sometimes the weird way my world works. 
Next day this got started.  Celtic Heart from M Designs.  I liked the dmc red, had the pattern and just a scrap of PTP Sand 28 count, one over one, to start it.  Scrap is big enough to do a couple of the letters since they stitch up kinda small. 
Then I wanted to see how one of those LHN alphabet bands would look.  This is Needlework ABC's,  I got the called for fabric and floss for the first one months ago.  It is on Confederate linen, two over two.  The red for the dress is pretty drab, but the fabric cut is big enough to do the pattern twice.  So I will try the pattern once, then think about changes.  But it was kinda yucky, so it got pushed to the side pretty quick.
This is Passion from Reflets de Soie.  This should finish out at almost 20 x 14.6 inches.  Stitching it on Queen Anne's Lace 28 count jobelan, using Colour & Cotton floss in Black Currant, one over one.  I have 11 skeins to start, and I have no clue if that is enough.  This was the last start, and three days of stitching.  I am liking it, but it is 15 pages...  this is just the top to bottom to check the material is big enough.  It is gonna fit.

Clearly I am still in the mood to start things.  I was looking for Doubloon lugana, and 123 Stitch not keeping it in stock, so I figured I would order the other PTP Moonglow while 123 Stitch still had it and I could easily get it.  And since that was in the cart, I tossed in the wool for the drum top and bottom.  Then somebody had mentioned that this year was the 200th anniversary of the sampler Ann Grimshaw.  So I did the math, and tossed in a fat quarter of just some 28 count jobelan for that in the color Water Lily.  I had seen the fabric and it was a lovely light green almost mint light green, and it was $10 and I have the perfect green floss from those 10 cent walmart binge buy all the floss.  Ann Grimshaw in a green?, but I think it will still not really look green.  That will be two more thing I will want to start...  Floss tube.  I am sure watching that Prairie Schooler behind Pam and Steph made me want and start that.  I know seeing the Moonglow fabric pattern stitched in a McKenna video from Stitcher's Paradise made me want to start that.  Vonna stitched a couple of the Celtic letters...  Somebody talked about Ann Grimshaw...  I saw the Swan Garden in a retreat video...  I understand exactly where some of my problem is coming from. 
But I am stitching, it's all good.   

Sunday, January 28, 2018

One Side Finished

 A bit more, but stitching that dark, on dark, you need good lighting... or not late night stitching.
This is His Eye is on the Sparrow from Heartstring Samplery.  When I cut that PTP Doubloon fabric, this was the original pattern that needed that fabric.  Since it is big, and will come and go, then working on the border seemed like a good idea as a break from the dark fabric and floss of the other one.  It's wonderful on the fabric, which is the called for color.  I wonder if there will be enough floss to get me all the way around in just two skeins of green.  I have the right side corner to corner in just a couple days. 
I am trying to spend less.  Grabbing this and starting it, kept me from ordering more stuff.  I will get the stuff I want eventually, but I compromised, and ordered just the fabric this month for the smaller thing.  Next month will be the floss.  March will be market and who knows.  But it is a plan to slow down the level of spending.  To budget my average to something more normal.